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About me

Jack of all trades!
Because sometimes you've got to be a little goofy.

I currently serve as Technology Coordinator for Southwest Arkansas Education
Cooperative, have been in education technology for more than 25 years. I've taught more than 5000 teachers and administrators while working for multiple education service agencies in Arkansas. I received both my Bachelors and Masters degrees from Henderson State University (no relation!). My background includes technology integration, technology and network management and development, and distance learning and education. I've also worked in radio broadcasting, write for several blogs, conduct social media outreach and development, and have a growing Youtube channel. I love helping teachers use technology in ways they may not thought of before. I also love to have fun, be a little goofy (maybe a little more than a littleā€¦), and enjoy having a good time in life. My work with EduTechGuys has produced more than 100 podcasts, multiple local and national conference broadcasts, and several professional development programs related to podcasting in the classroom. Though originally from Pittsburgh, PA, I have lived in various places around the United States, settling down in Arkansas. My wife and I have been married for nearly 30 years, have two children and live in Arkansas.