June 1, 2015


I love collecting Cleveland Indians baseball cards. Those adventures appear at www.tribecards.net. This page will highlight certain posts from that site among other aspects of my collecting habit.

Cleveland Baseball Cards

Blogging about the baseball team from Cleveland and their boys on bits of cardboard. Plus, giveaways and stuff.

 Welcome to Guardians Baseball Cards. Well, I assume that's what we'll call this joint now. I'm actually fine with the name. Would I have preferred others over it? Sure. But, meh. It is what it is.

As for the logo and font design, though!? The organization has the prime opportunity to REBRAND itself. Quite literally. Drop the old 50's-70's font style. Heck, why even keep the same color scheme? Well, okay, keep the red, white, and blue. You know, 'Murica and all.

But, these designs... 

Just... no. I can only hope these are potential options, though I am sure we are too far into things now for them to just be concept art. Look, folks, even Coke messed up when they did New Coke. Okay? we get it. You tried. This fails on every level. Now, hire a real brand marketing and design company and find some self respect.

I do wonder now, though, if they will ink a deal with GoGuardian...

Author: --David
Posted: July 23, 2021, 5:03 pm

 Welcome to 2021. In line with the ball dropping to signal the new year, I, too, have dropped the ball. Unfortunately, my drop is of the negative kind. 

I have no real reason nor excuse for not getting the 12 Days of Cardmas packages put together and mailed out. The simple fact is: I dropped the ball. 

The packages will come, eventually. I am sorry for letting this slip by me.

Hope your 2021 goes MUCH better than your 2020!

Author: --David
Posted: January 2, 2021, 6:02 am


Heya! I am bringing back a classic giveaway - the 12 Days of Christmas card packs! 

That's right! You get cards in the same fashion as the 12 Days song:

  • 12 cards of a favorite player or team
  • 11 cards of a different favorite player or team
  • 10 cards..
  • 9 cards...
  • You get the idea

You will end up with 78 Cards/items total - absolutely FREE! Merry Christmas!

Just fill out the Google Form (I do not sell or giveaway your info or anything like that) linked below!

  • Enter your favorite team #1
  • Enter your favorite team #2
  • Enter your favorite team #3
  • Enter your favorite player #1
  • Enter your favorite player #2
  • Enter your favorite player #3
  • Optionally enter additional players, non-baseball players or teams, non-sport (movies, tv shows, etc)
  • Provide mailing information
That's it! I plan to mail out all packages by December 1, 2020, so that you should have them by Christmas! Thank you so much and have fun! Oh, and, of course: Merry Christmas!


*Yes, I reused the image above from a previous 12 Days giveaway...

Author: --David
Posted: September 19, 2020, 3:56 am

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