Forgotten Realms: Angelica, Remembered #gaming

While poking around online, I discovered that I was late to a very cool party. It seems that Good Old Games managed to hunt down and secure the licensing rights to the classic “Gold Box” games from SSI built around the Dungeons and Dragons world. Now, to many of you, this means nothing. To me, Read more about Forgotten Realms: Angelica, Remembered #gaming[…]

#Math – It’s All In Our Heads – or maybe not

To be clear: I have not yet read/listened to the book which sparked the idea for the article that sparked the idea for this post. So, basically, this author rewrites “The Matrix” with a focus on mathematics as the basis for the simulation. Though the article raises certain questions, it doesn’t really address the “So Read more about #Math – It’s All In Our Heads – or maybe not[…]